The experience you’ve been dreaming of is coming to life, 11/08-11/11

The Odyssey Convergence is an incubator for the evolution of consciousness on the planet. Together we are co-creating the narrative for the beautiful future we know is possible, by embodying it together in real-time.



Join us at 1440 Multiversity for a weekend of legendary magic. 

We are creating our own world, an immersive multi-sensory experience, set amidst the Redwood forest at a luxury retreat center, with 300+ global leaders and visionaries. 

The Convergence and greater Odyssey community ecosystem synthesizes and integrates the best of all worlds we love to play in. 

We've created one world that can hold it all, with 4 Days Of...


Activation, Embodiment, Ceremony & Transformation

Access a deeper level of truth and freedom in your being.


Wisdom Panels, Speakers, Masterminds & Coherence Council

Evocative Keynotes, transmissions and curated masterminding on pressing topics and solution-oriented projects within our community.

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Music, Prayerformance, Immersive Art & Ritual

Immerse in multi-sensory heart-opening art that will move, touch and inspire you.


Play & Relational Alchemy with Soul Family

Connect with soul family from around the world in a way that catalyzes meaningful connection and allyship. Cuddling Invited.


Odyssey is a community of passionate creators devoted to embodying their true selves and leading legendary lives.


Convergence Flow


7 - 8AM: Morning Practice + Rituals (optional)

7 - 9AM: Visionary Soul Family Breakfast

9-1030AM: Morning Embodiment Journey with Special Guests

1030 - 12PM: Guided Activation/ Upgrade, Intention Setting, Live Music

12-2PM: Visionary Soul Family Style Lunch + Healing Sanctuary Opens, Open Connection Space

2:30 - 3:30PM: Keynote Transmissions + Invocative Performances, Councils/masterminds

4 - 5:30PM: Breakout Sessions, Activations, Healing Sanctuary, Open Space

5:30-7:30PM: Visionary Soul Family Style Dinner

730-11PM: Evening Ceremony, Live Music, Sound Healing Journey with Special Guests


Here’s How We’ll Play

  • Epic facilitation, channeled transmissions and PLAY

  • Communal organic gourmet meals together, family style

  • Morning yoga, movement, somatic experiences

  • Expo showcasing Earths’s best guides + healers

  • Dance with leading edge visionary DJs and artists

  • Meditation immersions and guided journeys

  • Experience visionary transformative technology first hand

  • Mastermind with your soul family collaborators

  • Receive life-changing guidance to align with your truth

  • Curated sponsors with free gifts and special surprises

  • Live art from visionary artists throughout program

  • Trail hikes in the Redwoods in Santa Cruz Mountains

  • On-site fitness center, spa, massages, and steam room

  • On-site hot tub for 24 people


Imagine yourself playing and expanding all day, feeling your absolute best, nourished mind-body-spirit-soul, and supported by the most incredible light leader tribe - a SOUL’D out “conference” with 300 extraordinary humans who will crack your heart open and inspire the best in you.

It’s unlike anything ever created before.  

We get to create Heaven on Earth together, and so we start with the convergence as an incubator for co-creation. We gather to create the new narrative of humanȗnity.


“The present convergence of crises––in money, energy, education, health, water, soil, climate, politics, the environment, and more––is a birth crisis, expelling us from the old world into a new.”

Charles Eisenstein


What is the more equitable, joyful, loving world we are called to usher into being?

How do we create coherence and what’s possible in a coherent field? 

What is the lead domino that will cause positive change in all areas of life?

Odyssey Experience Design Pillars



Feeling in our body what trust, intimacy and ‘heaven on earth’ feels like. 



Liberate and expand each individual toward their highest potential -- rising into our next level of expression and sovereignty.


Create new allies to collaborate with, so we are supported in the actions needed to create the beautiful world we all know in our hearts is possible. 

Our Community

Odyssey is a community of passionate creators devoted to embodying their true selves, stewarding the New Earth and leading legendary lives.

How We Like to Play

  • No masks, no hiding, no spiritual elitism 

  • Alcohol + drug free, Multigenerational, Family friendly 

  • Gifting culture -- what’s possible when all our needs are met?

  • Surrendered /Servant leadership - as organizers, we create space for self-organization and emergent leadership.

  • We are committed to deep listening within presence to allow for what’s most aligned for the group and we honor all as leaders and masters.

Our Values

  • Trust, Intimacy & Connection

  • Coherence & Sovereign-Unity

  • Play & Celebration!

  • Authenticity - keepin’ it real! Removing the masks and spiritual / entrepreneurial ego

  • Restoring sacredness and resanctifying our relationship to divinity

  • Embodying the New Earth with Joy, Harmony & Ease

ODYSSEY Co-Hosts & Curators


Sydney Campos

Sydney Campos is a Visionary, Intuitive Healer and Author of The Empath Experience: What To Do When You Feel Everything. Sydney guides visionary leaders to live in alignment with their soul purpose while embodying next-level power, pleasure and prosperity. She is committed to activating Heaven on Earth in every moment.

In addition to being a seasoned Business Strategy Advisor and Certified Holistic Health Coach, Sydney is also a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Energy Healer, and Certified Akashic Records Practitioner and Teacher. Sydney shares her multifaceted expertise through 1:1 visionary mentoring, self-mastery courses, transformational retreats, intuitive readings and her Visionary Souls Podcast.

An avid adventurer, Sydney is likely to be found in Bali, San Francisco or anywhere in Mediterranean Europe. Sydney has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, Refinery29, Bustle, PureWow and New York Magazine.

Sydney currently resides in Venice Beach, CA in the Mystic Manor where she is co-producing a consciousness reality and late night style talk show called Optimystic bringing healing, awakening and transformation to the mainstream.

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Charlene Parker

Charlene Parker is a transformational leader. Her clients call her the Freedom Catalyst -- she works one-to-one with leaders, and facilitates group retreats and programs, to experience freedom in relationships with others, with self, with your body and with your work.

She has co-founded companies in the wellness, arts and music industries. The music festival she co-founded was acquired by MTV. She has worked with organizations and communities across the globe to create exceptional experiences, with deeper intimacy and coherence in the teams and greater communities. 

Charlene is renowned as a masterful experience designer and has curated over 200 experiences across the globe, ranging from small intimate transformational immersions to large scale 50,000 person festivals. She’s been traveling the world for years, immersed in extraordinary communities and studying with the greatest leaders and thinkers of our time. As a weaver and alchemist, Odyssey is her cauldron to integrate the best of everything she’s experienced and learned, and synthesize it into a community that many of us have been waiting for/longing for.

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Healing, Health & Luxury


Our home for the first Odyssey Convergence is the world’s leading luxury retreat and learning center.

1440 Multiversity

  • Gourmet, organic all-you-can-eat high vibe food featuring a wide variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options shared communally with your best friends

  • Infinity-edge hot tub overlooking the forest, for 30

  • Access to woodland trails with grandmother redwood trees

  • Fitness center + Healing Spa with steam room + sauna

  • Luxury accommodations of various price ranges to meet your needs

  • Pop up superfood tonic + tea bars, raw chocolate + other magic throughout the weekend.

  • Curated world class healing lounge in the 1440 Sanctuary showcasing new transformative healing tech and the world's best healers, guides & wayshowers

  • Somatic journeys guided by legendary practitioners and DJ's to awaken your wild primal nature (morning rituals, dance, breathwork...)

Energy Exchange

ODYSSEY is an invitation into fully embodying the principles of a more equitable, loving and thriving world in which everyone has a gift to give, a unique genius to contribute and all are held accountable as radical investors in our shared vision for liberation and human-unity.


A Generative Model

Your ticket to the Convergence is $888 and includes $222 to gift to anyone within the Odyssey convergence. Gift to the musician who broke your heart open. To the person who held you. To the one who said exactly what you needed to hear over lunch. Everyone here is a master and rather than paying speakers and artists a set rate, the community votes with their own dollar, based on felt impact on or off stage. 

The remaining portion of the ticket goes to production costs. We are able to grow the community and sustain the leadership team through yearly membership fees, separate from the event, rather than charging $2k+ for an event ticket. Information about Odyssey Membership will be revealed soon. 

Generative means you get to give and receive. For every ticket purchased from your referral, you receive $111, with no limit!

The $888 ticket includes:

  • An invitation to join the Odyssey community at the 'Seed Investor' level

  • Access to healing sanctuary with 1:1 sessions from healers across diverse modalities 

  • All workshops, performances and curated experiences

  • Weekly coherence calls & activations leading up to the event


In addition to your Odyssey ticket, you’ll book your accommodations directly through 1440 Multiversity which offers a range of accommodations to meet your preferences and budget. 

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Join us in creating the New Earth


Become a Member

All who are accepted to participate in the convergence are welcome to become members of the community. If the event just simply isn’t possible for you this year and you’re interested in becoming an ODYSSEY member, we’ll send you details about how to play and the application process.