The not-so-secret club for extraordinary humans committed to sharing their gifts in service to collective evolution.

Odyssey is a community of people who care.

Who genuinely care about each other, the state of the world and their own personal evolution.


A community of epic humans who love meaningful and well-curated experiences that tend to mind, body, spirit & soul.

We are...

The ones who actually dance on the dance floor.

The ones who love the idea of creating an empire, but not driven by ego, rather driven by the evolutionary impulse to be Master Creators and architects of reality.

We are wayshowers, visionaries, innovators, lovers, parents, rebels with a cause, spiritual gangsters, ceremonialists, healers, evolutionary leaders...all on a mission to elevate planetary consciousness.

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We love to learn and mastermind our businesses as much as we love to play.


After deeply profound transformational experiences, we know some light-heartedness (possibly a music showcase with cuddling) is the perfect medicine.

We honor the mundane and the profane as sacred. Without spiritual dogma or the illusion of perfection, we don’t take ourselves too seriously while living in reverence and devotion to the beauty life is always guiding us into.

We are a community in which the whole self is welcomed and true self is celebrated. Masks and false identities are laid to rest as we allow ourselves to be seen for who we really are.

The story of separation, lack of belonging, not-good-enough and
better-than-you bullshit

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Odyssey is a resonant field attracting and inviting the global soul family eager to play together and co-create in presence, power and purpose.

Ready to play?

Become a Member

All who are accepted to participate in the convergence are welcome to become members of the community. If the event just simply isn’t possible for you this year and you’re interested in becoming an ODYSSEY member, we’ll send you details about how to play and the application process.