Join us in pioneering the new epoch of humanünity

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The community for passionate creators devoted to embodying their true selves, stewarding the New Earth and leading legendary lives.


ODYSSEY is the community in which visionaries, wisdom keepers, progressive business leaders and artists of all kinds unite from across the planet with the shared intention of personal and collective expansion.

What is the more equitable, joyful, loving world your heart knows is possible?

How are you embodying your genius and leadership in service to collective evolution?

Are you all-in on living your most legendary life?


We gather 11/08-11/11 for our first annual Odyssey convergence.


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Come play with us in a living co-laboratory dedicated to pioneering and actualizing the New Earth.


The Convergence is an experiment that synthesizes the best of all the worlds we love to play in. Imagine your favorite parts of Burning Man, TED, TransTech, curated entrepreneur communities, the best cacao ceremony dance party you’ve ever experienced and an epic vision quest in paradise all woven into an unforgettable weekend, alongside your best friends. The Convergence is a collaborative experience, with a lineup of some of the most extraordinary humans across multiple disciplines, with space for emergent leadership.

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If there’s something you want, build it.


We’ve been craving a community of change-makers who leave their masks at home. A network where everyone’s unique genius is honored and offers a potential gift for you. The person on stage isn’t valued more than the person you’ve never heard of sitting next to you at lunch. In this way we shift the paradigms of value and worthiness. A space where we feel at home, in which we all belong. An ecosystem that celebrates our diversity, instead of a homogenous echochamber, in which the best of each and everyone is welcomed.


A curated space that catalyzes transformation, inspiration and deep, meaningful connection leading to supportive allyship and new collaborations. An event that is balanced in mind-body-spirit content. Curated in a way that has you lifted in high energy all day and leaves you nourished, rather than needing a vacation from your vacation. An alcohol free, family friendly, ceremonial container where…

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Odyssey is a by-invite membership community and our annual convergence at 1440 Multiversity is open to new visionary souls, by application.

Become a Member

All who are accepted to participate in the convergence are welcome to become members of the community. If the event just simply isn’t possible for you this year and you’re interested in becoming an ODYSSEY member, we’ll send you details about how to play and the application process.